• Dec. 24th, 2010 at 11:35 PM
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The dreaded last-minute Christmas knitting project is finished and currently flung over my loveseat.  Tomorrow I'll look it over for loose threads and then stuff it into a gift bag only to have it pulled back out again hours later by my almost-three-year-old niece who will probably be all, "A SWEATER?  THANKS, AUNTIE LAMESAUCE."  But I bask for now in the sweet glow of accomplishment.

I'm trying to convince my dog that there is such a thing as the Christmas Cat.  Gotta love dogs, they are so gullible this way.  He's now keeping watch in my picture window emitting the occasional low-pitched warning "rrrf."  The Christmas Cat is obviously not welcome in our small yard, that evil fucker.

So -- what do I have to say other than the above nonsense?  Nothing whatsoever. 

Hope everyone who celebrates it has a lovely Christmas and everyone who doesn't has a lovely weekend.  I will be spending the next day or two with my parents, my grandmother, and my brother and family.  There will be shouting arguments over who left the baby unattended and where the toddler's socks went and also why no one is helping to SET the bloody TABLE goddammit and all that nice traditional Christmas stuff.  I have slotted into the "fewest presents ever" category of the family now that I'm the lovely spinster aunt so I will probably spend a good part of tomorrow helping care for my niece and nephew and entertaining them with their new toys.  It's like parenting without any of the glory (or responsibility, thank fuck.)

Love you all.  So glad I've stumbled back into fandom this year.  Mwah.

Doggie TMI

  • Aug. 27th, 2010 at 5:03 PM
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Well, I suppose it could be worse. Some dogs destroy property when they're alone and bored. My dog decided to find other ways to entertain himself while I was out for about 4 hours this afternoon.

I think this clip of Misha Collins in Nip/Tuck summarizes the problem:

When I got home he was in quite the state, and pretty much, uh, stuck that way. He's done this before but let's just say the problem was somewhat more pronounced than I'd seen.

In any case, with a lukewarm bath, lots of football talk, and half a (small) bottle of KY later, I *ahem* fixed the emerging situation. The things we do for our pets. If he was a human dude he'd owe me dinner right about now.
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So I was randomly selected for a beta account over on Dreamwidth today! You can find me here if you're looking. No plans to migrate at this point, so don't all run at once. *g*

If you haven't heard about it yet -- Billy Bob Thornton was a rude ignorant jerk to one of my favorite CBC radio hosts on my favorite CBC program yesterday. I missed the live interview but caught up on YouTube and it's left me feeling vaguely edgy and defensive. I'm awful with confrontations, and this anxiety seems to have spilled over into the simple act of watching someone I like and respect being forced to deal with this kind of awfulness. On the other hand, way to go Jian -- a real, lovely, Canadian class act. Lots of people were saying they would have ended the (live-to-air) interview early if they'd been in his shoes but I think he did exactly the right thing. *hugs Jian* Love that show.

When I got home from rehearsal tonight my dog ran in circles like an idiot and bit at my hands. It's been so long since he did this "I bite gently because I love" thing that I'd forgotten it used to be part of his routine whenever I got home. Thank goodness he's outgrown it, because it's not that cute when he does it to visitors' hands. But still, the excess energy is probably due to spring and it's a sign that I need to take him for a nice long walk tomorrow after my Good Friday service!

Puppy yay!

  • Feb. 4th, 2006 at 10:13 PM
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It was a long long drive, both ways, but so worth it.

I will post before and after haircut pics tomorrow. In the meantime cut for lengthy squeeing about Sully )


Mission: Retrieve Sullivan

  • Feb. 3rd, 2006 at 6:57 AM
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Today [livejournal.com profile] iykwim and I are off to get us a dog! It's 9 hours either way, so we'll stay overnight and be back late tomorrow night. I should be resentful already, because it's Friday (my usual Saturday-type day) and it's not 7 a.m. yet and I'm up, but instead I'm all, "WHHHEEEEE!!! PUPPY!!!!!"

So yeah...taking the iBook with us, so if we happen to catch WiFi along the way somewhere, we'll update, but otherwise, those of you following You Keep Me High can look forward to a big old installment when I return. There are at least 7 or 8 pages ready to go already. Yay!



  • Jan. 20th, 2006 at 10:49 PM
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So, my roomie and I have been talking about getting a dog since we got this house back in August, but we kept putting it off, first because of $ and then because we weren't going to have time to housebreak a puppy. But, as my mom says, when you decide you need a dog, the universe finds one for you. It's just how things work.

So my uncle was taking his (3 huge) dogs to the park and saw a little dog sitting on the side of the road. And he thought, "hm, probably belongs to someone" (he lives in a small town where dogs often run free, even the little ones), but on the way back some two hours later, the little guy was still there. So my uncle (who is a big softie when it comes to dogs) pulled over and whistled and the dog ran right up to him and was all wiggly and happy. He was also skinny and dirty and very very cold, no collar. So my uncle took him home and gave him a bath and fed him and decided that, given the dog's friendliness and his general state, he'd been ditched by his owners. As I said, small town in a rural area, so people unfortunately do this sort of thing all the time.

So he sent out pics of the puppy to my fam, knowing that I might be in the market. And, after some discussion, the Shrimp and I caved. We're driving 9 hours each way to go pick up the little guy in two weeks. We are crazy like that. But apparently he's just wee, still growing so probably under a year old, he's neutered and very cuddly and quiet, some kind of bichon-shih tzu cross.

Anyway, we need a name, which means it's poll-the-flist time!

See the puppy! )

Name the puppy! )


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