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  • Feb. 25th, 2011 at 1:57 PM
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Anyway, you can blame [ profile] foxxcub because she had this delightful thought and wrote about it and I commented all casual-like and she commented back and then others joined in and somehow, three days later, I'm sitting here with 16,000 words of I-don't-even-know-WHAT and it's STILL NOT DONE WTF.

Because I need encouragement for my fingers to wrap this thing up, hopefully shy of 20K (don't even. I can't. no clue how, okay.) I'm posting a teaser excerpt here. Maybe you Inceptionites can tell me more about shy!drama nerd!Eames and confident!sexy glasses!student council pres!Arthur and how their love is so very meant to be. *tries to look cute*

Arthur knows everyone, and everyone knows him. )

p.s. I know, I have no LJ inception icons and only one on DW and it's not for lack of options. I'm not even in denial about being in Inception fandom anymore. I am just crap at doing that stuff, okay? SIGH.

ETA: Fic is done, weighing in at *just* shy of 20,000 words. Yes, I started on Wednesday morning. No, I wish I knew how this worked but I don't. I really just don't. Anyway, off to beta and thence to my DW/LJ, hopefully over the weekend? Thanks for the cheerleading, guys! It truly helped.


  • Jan. 19th, 2011 at 11:25 PM
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So I went, just now, to try and write coherent responses to some of the comments I've gotten on the fic I posted this morning. And I've admitted before that I've felt overwhelmed at the prospect of answering comments sometimes, but this feeling, this one I'm having right now -- it's different.

Dearest flist, and dearest readers, this fic is the closest I've ever come to baring my soul in this venue. I joke about my id showing when it comes to fics with too much farting or too many blow jobs, but this is something more. Sometimes when you're a professional musician -- all too often, actually, at least for me -- it becomes everyday. It becomes humdrum and work and tedious and stressful and all the things that any job can be. But at its heart, my choice of profession has this small precious thing, this blissed out worshipful awe, this eternal and inexplicable surety that music is everything, it contains everything and is contained in everything...and if this all sounds too airy fairy for some, believe me, I am right there with you. But it's still there, it's still true.

All this to say that I'm awed and humbled by the reaction I've received from many kindred spirits. To write about music in a way that reaches other musicians; that is humbling. That is moving. And, as much so, to hear from non-musicians who say "It's not my world but I recognize the emotions you're telling" -- that is what I always hope to do, as writer, as singer, as conductor, as composer.

Tomorrow I will probably feel more prosaic and able to coherently approach the task of answering individual comments, but for tonight I wanted to express my gratitude. You -- the collective you and the individual yous that make up that mass of energy out there -- you have been unexpectedly and wonderfully kind and generous as I've offered something very close to my center. I thank you, and I am so thankful *for* you.

(Insert plor-style fart joke here.)

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