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So I was randomly selected for a beta account over on Dreamwidth today! You can find me here if you're looking. No plans to migrate at this point, so don't all run at once. *g*

If you haven't heard about it yet -- Billy Bob Thornton was a rude ignorant jerk to one of my favorite CBC radio hosts on my favorite CBC program yesterday. I missed the live interview but caught up on YouTube and it's left me feeling vaguely edgy and defensive. I'm awful with confrontations, and this anxiety seems to have spilled over into the simple act of watching someone I like and respect being forced to deal with this kind of awfulness. On the other hand, way to go Jian -- a real, lovely, Canadian class act. Lots of people were saying they would have ended the (live-to-air) interview early if they'd been in his shoes but I think he did exactly the right thing. *hugs Jian* Love that show.

When I got home from rehearsal tonight my dog ran in circles like an idiot and bit at my hands. It's been so long since he did this "I bite gently because I love" thing that I'd forgotten it used to be part of his routine whenever I got home. Thank goodness he's outgrown it, because it's not that cute when he does it to visitors' hands. But still, the excess energy is probably due to spring and it's a sign that I need to take him for a nice long walk tomorrow after my Good Friday service!

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