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  • Apr. 14th, 2009 at 8:41 AM
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This journal is new and shiny.  I'm scared to peel the cellophane back, but I guess as a "beta" user I should really be using this thing and helping our lovely admin team figure out how everything works!

First things first -- a little wee bit about me:

I've been writing fanfiction, primarily slash, since 2003.  I started off in the Smallville fandom, then migrated to Stargate Atlantis in 2005, with a few detours along the way into CW RPS, Supernatural, and maybe two other places.  My writing is generally a little comedic, though I've been known to do the angst thing too.  My website is here: http://toomuchplor.wordpress.com/ and I'm toomuchplor over on LJ as well.  (In a past life I was known as rose_emily.)

Though I've written some fairly lengthy WIP-style stories I don't often do so anymore, as I don't trust myself to finish them and I hate leaving people hanging.  I have an occasionally very demanding RL as a professional musician/administrator and as a result I may periodically disappear from this journal for weeks at a time.

Next item:

My plans for using this journal are solidifying.  I will crosspost on DW and LJ, at least to begin with, because I like the idea of archiving fic and comments and such on DW.  If I should ever decide to go to one journal exclusively over another I will say so, in both places.  I *very* rarely do flocked posts, so that is not a consideration.  So if you're considering subscribing here, you may want to consider this in order to avoid duplicate posts every time I post.  I'm not sure yet if I will only have comments on one of the two journals.  We'll see how that evolves.

And finally, "friending"/subscriptions:

I've never been one to get worked up over people adding and removing me from their flists and this will not change here.  What I do care about is how much I have to wade through on my reading list (rlist?) and flist, and how much of *that* will be interesting to me based on divergent interests, etc.  If you've subscribed to me here and we're mutual friends on LJ I'll automatically subscribe in return and grant access.  Everyone else, I will be skimming your DW journal from time to time.  As on LJ, if I hear a lot from you on my own entries I'm much more likely to add you to my reading list.  In any case, please know that my decisions to add/subscribe/whatever are not meant as any kind of judgment.  I simply have to limit the length of my reading list for my own sanity.  (This has become an issue for me in the past, when I flocked a formerly-RL LJ and had to mutually friend about 400 people and -- whoa.  Too much information, dudes.)

If you are new here (subscribing to me) or if you just have a new name, drop me a comment here and introduce yourself!  I want to get to know you!

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