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  • Dec. 10th, 2005 at 5:31 PM
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There are certain phrases that pop up over and over again in SV fic, which is probably not surprising, considering that we as a group of writers are producing a large amount of fiction about the Same Two Guys. But some of them are so interesting and telling...

Like, for Lex, I've noticed the following:

smirk: Well. This is obvious, yeah? MR likes the smirk.

vulnerable curve: Usually referring to Lex's head, the line of his scalp. I use this phrase when writing from Clark's POV, mostly because Clark's a Big Damn Hero and he likes people who are victims, who need saving. But Martha can use it too, seeing Lex's need for protection. And I think much of this comes from the cinematography of the show. If you watch, you'll see that (especially S1 and S2) the directors like showing Lex walking away from the camera, that curve of skull. [ profile] isagel once said, "His head is tilted back - sharp angle like the portrait of a pharaoh - and in this light his eyes will be the same granite color as the sky." I love that and I think it captures a completely different aspect of Lex's 'vulnerable curve' of skull.

cleanly awake: Sometimes followed by 'as any animal'. I love this phrase, and I have no idea who used it first (I want to say [ profile] scribblinlenore but I am probably making that up) in reference to Lex. It's funny, because while I suppose we've seen Lex wake up on the show a number of times, I think this is mainly fanon. I love the image of Lex waking up so smoothly and absolutely. I think it speaks of his mistrustful nature, that he can't allow himself to fall into so deep a comfort that he needs time to return to normal alertness. Also, on the cuteness scale, this is the kind of Lex who hates to be caught in any kind of weakness. He doesn't even want Clark to see him sleepy.

measured bites/sips: This is neat!Lex, and he appears in most people's fic. I suppose that, again, we've seen neat!Lex on the show, but it's more likely another fanon derivation. This is related to the 'no one must see me as human' side of Lex. Lex doesn't get naked, he doesn't pee, he doesn't wolf down his food, and he certainly doesn't fall asleep. Or so he would like us all to believe.

fascinated gaze: In its own way, this is a stock phrase in most fiction, but I think it pops up with Lex more often than is strictly average. Lex in fanon is all about these two words -- the first, 'fascinated', because Lex solves puzzles and unties knots. That's who he is. And the second? Lex's regard is powerful because he's such an invested observer of his world. He's not passive, like Lana or even Clark. Lex approaches everything with intensity.

kisses/fucks like he does everything else: Completed by some simile or another. In bed, Lex is almost always a concentrated version of himself, and this turn of phrase, which is *everywhere* is a case in point. From Clark's POV, I think Lex (especially early-days Lex) comes across as this incredibly smooth, put-together guy. Clark doesn't see the chinks in Lex's armor, especially when it comes to sex and romance, and Clark sees himself as being pretty much a bumbling fool in the same areas.

And what about Clark? I don't know if there are as many phrases that I see linked with him, partly because I tend to be in love with Clark's POV, but:

grin/beam: See above re. MR's smirking. This is TW's version.

mouth made to be fucked: Oh, lord. Well, this simply exists because it's true.

darting a glance from under his lashes: Don't we all love a good innocent!Clark? If Lex is smooth and put-together, then Clark may be bumbling and idiotic, but he's very very pretty while doing it. It's great to see how many stereotypically girly maneuvers one can apply to Clark (like this, and pouting, and flouncing, and bouncing, and giggling) and still have him completely in character. He's so the girl.

far too innocent for what he'd just been doing: And, on the other hand, don't we all also love a good debauched!Clark? The best thing about Clark is that he's the Perpetual Virgin. You can pretty much double-dip the boy in the gayest dirtiest three-way sex in the history of the world and he will STILL BLUSH obligingly afterwards. When someone says 'penis'. Or 'bum'.

Can anyone think of any others? I'm sure there are more...these mostly came to me while I was perusing my many many half-started fics, and I saw how many stock phrases there are in all of them.


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