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It is *such* a snow day today.  Please note that I say this as someone who lives in a climate where actual 'school is cancelled' snow days are about once a decade, not because we don't get snow, but because we get so damn much that it takes a huge blizzard to defeat our army of graders and plows and sanders.  (If you don't know what a grader or sander is, you are not a true Canadian.  I'm looking at you, West Coast.)  Anyway, the snow banks are waist-high and we've gotten about 15 cm (6") with 10 or 15 more to come.  The roads are ridiculous.  Thank goodness it's a non-working weekend and my only excursion today was getting out of the way of my house cleaner for two hours in the Starbucks down the snowy road.  Also, I love my snow tires, they're the best invention ever.

Anyway, I'm snugged in with veggie-bean soup made from scratch with no recipe.  It turned out more like stew because I kept finding more vegetables to add and my soup pot got too full.  I'll thin it out as the stew/soup gets eaten up over the next four or five days.  I don't know why I cook so rarely when I like doing it so much.  Actually, I do know, I hate chopping things but I hate frozen things with equal fervour.

Does anyone want a cozy snow day/night ficlet?  SGA or maybe even Inception or Glee or something?  Prompt me and maybe the muse will strike!  That would be fun.

ETA: Links to the ficlets generated:

Team Cocoa (SGA, gen) for [personal profile] perspi 

John Isn't Canadian (SGA, John/Rodney -- could be gen, too, if you squint) for [ profile] lilyfarfalla 

Dirty Word Scrabble (Glee, Kurt/Blaine) for [ profile] iykwim 

Under the Steinway (Inception, Eames/Arthur) for [personal profile] lately 

Ohhhhh Canada.

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And I'm saying the subject line much in the same way that fandom is wont to say "Oh, *John*".

Every time I forget how tiny and insular my land is, I encounter spectacular SGA-related examples that make me laugh and feel like I grew up in one of those worrying inbred villages founded on obscure 19th century religious principles.

1) One of my classmates in high school (and, incidentally, quite a great bass voice who's sung in the same choir as me too) stars in a movie directed and written by Martin Gero (of "Duet" and "McKay and Mrs. Miller" fame, among many of our fannish favorites)

(Incidentally, [ profile] iykwim and I agreed never to see this movie because we don't think we will ever want to see certain *cough* aspects of our erstwhile choirmate, be he ever so pretty.)

2) A play opening in town this weekend is written by one of "Canada's up-and-coming new playwrights", Brendan Gall. Yes. *That* Brendan Gall.

After whom, I can only *guess*, the writers named the sad dying scientist in the episode, "The Defiant One". Otherwise, that's kind of a bizarre coincidence.

3) Also, last and probably least, I present: one of the drama teachers at my high school -- 1, 2, 3.

Oh, *Canada*. People ask why our TV is SO BAD? Well, clearly it's because we only have 12 good actors/writers/directors and they are ALL WORKING ON STARGATE.


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