Card Notice

  • Nov. 27th, 2008 at 2:32 PM
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One more thing -- and sorry about this -- I have no time to send cards this year, so I won't be soliciting for addresses. Luckily, I have moved since last year so none of you will have my new address and therefore shouldn't feel obliged to send me anything anyway! Hopefully I'll be jumping back on the bandwagon next year but this entire season is a write-off for me.


Card Round-Up

  • Dec. 22nd, 2006 at 5:56 PM
toomuchplor: (john smirk)
I'm doing this all in one go, so bear with me. *g*

Thanks to everyone who sent me holiday cards! Mine are in the mail and some of them may even arrive before Christmas, though I doubt it. Think of them as 'post-holiday cheer' cards, k?

[ profile] like_cheap_wine: Hee! Penguins! And oooo, French greeting inside!
[ profile] mahaliem: Oooooo 3D amazingness! This card has entertained me for days at a time. *loves*
[ profile] dine: Now that I know we are Angel!puppet twins, this card holds even more meaning. *g*
[ profile] suzvoy: It's so pretty! I like the colours on your card, yay.
[ profile] maiaj: You win the 'heaviest paper' and 'most glitter' awards. *hearts* Thank you!
[ profile] black_siren: The only card that came with knives. Clearly, you win.
[ profile] yavannauk: The only card that came with John/Rodney fic. You also win. Thanks!
[ profile] luvmax1: Oh dear, I don't think I sent you a card. *sad* Okay, I will have to do so next year. But thank you!
[ profile] lapetite_kiki: Thanks! *hugs you back*

I will try to do this as the cards arrive from now on. Really!


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