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  • Apr. 19th, 2012 at 9:01 AM
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This one is interesting, and I nabbed it from [ profile] flambeau. The idea is to list one's current top 10 (in terms of hits) stories on AO3 and check back annually to see what changes and how. I will henceforth mentally associate this meme with tax season, which can only improve the latter.


16,020 - Ach, des Knaben Augen (Inception, written January 2011)
15,526 - Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry (Inception, written February 2011)
13,498 - How Not to Fly (SGA, written September 2010)
8,304 - Under the Steinway (Inception, written January 2011)
8,241 - Between the Notes (Inception, written February 2011)
8,015 - To Capture, Conquer, and Court (Inception, written December 2010)
7,565 - Whither Thou Goest (Inception, written February 2011)
7,428 - Fever Pitch (Inception, written January 2011)
7,382 - In Duty Homeward Shall We Fly (Inception, written February 2011)
7,138 - What Need (Inception, written January 2011)

It's not surprising to me that Steinway!verse takes up 60% of the top 10, though of course I think hit counts for some of the shorter fics in that verse are inflated hugely through their association with my #1, Ach des. I'm surprised by how wordy my titles are, especially as I'm recently on a "brevity is...wit" kick with summaries and titles. I adore that my ridic plotless wonder of a HS AU is #2, but I admit I'm more delighted that SGA made the list, as I only started posting to AO3 as my SGA days waned. I have a nagging doubt that I am going to write anything in the near future to top the popularity of Ach des Knaben Augen, but I guess that's the point of checking in annually -- to see if my expectations are met or not!


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