• Sep. 28th, 2010 at 9:32 PM
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To make up for the whining of yesterday, I bring to you good news.  My novel-length fic has returned from beta and is ready to post!  I am just waiting on help with a summary (since we know I suck at those, like, a lot) but otherwise I fully anticipate that it will be up tomorrow morning-ish.


I have never posted something so long in one big shot and I'm already anticipating spending the day biting my nails until that first reader to comment crosses the finish line and says something reassuring like "This did not suck massively!"  It's my longest fic in SGA and, in fact, the longest fic I've completed since I wrote my SV novel back in 2004.  Crazy!

There are a few Big Bang fics open in various tabs right now in my browser so I plan to while away the nervous waiting by digging in to some big-fic reading of my own.

In conclusion: come back tomorrow and check out some fic, yay!

Comments (the obligatory post)

  • Apr. 20th, 2009 at 1:52 PM
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It seems there is some discussion about commenting by readers and such going on, and without dipping my toes into the general fray, I thought it was an opportune moment for me to state my own policy when it comes to comments. (This is in no way meant as a judgment on the current hoopla, it's just on my mind at the moment. These are MY policies and I don't extend them to anyone else):

1) Don't feel like you need to comment on anything I write. I love love love getting comments of course, but I am a lame commenter at best with other people's work so I apply the golden rule here. And I always think of published authors out there, of all the books I've read and adored in my life, and the fact that I've never once in my life written a letter of thanks or praise to any published author. And then I feel damn lucky that some of y'all talk to me when you like my shit.

2) I am crap at answering comments. I used to be zealous about this but I totally burned myself out trying to answer comments on some longer WIPs (we'll save that discussion for another post) and at the time I posted a "flail" entry saying "Will you all forgive me if I suck and don't answer each of you every time?" and the prevailing sentiment was "Yes of course" so I gave up on answering each and every comment. That being said, the other thing that makes me crap at this is that I so often disappear from LJ for months at a time and I feel incredibly stupid answering people's comments literally YEARS after they're made. So I have long lists of comments I will never ever answer.

3) But I'm trying to do better! I'm getting back into the habit of answering comments and I will do my bestest to keep up from here on out. But in case I fall into the land of crappy comment-answering again, here's my general word of thanks: I literally would not write so much or so cheerfully if it weren't for the wonderful words of many of you, encouraging me to continue. So thank you muchly.

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