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My disclaimer is that this is SO not an official part of the Steinway!verse. This is, in fact, the sort of thing my editor Lately and I get up to on chat now and then. See, we are seven hours apart time zone wise. I was up late late and she was up early early and she was writing an essay for school and I was cheering her on with...well, with this.

me: write your paper yo
Maybe I will tell you about how Arthur greets Eames this one time

Lately: greets him?

me: Eames has just gotten back from somewhere
Late at night
jet lagged as fuck

Lately: mtg at airport?

me: no
Eames just slips in


me: Took a cab prolly
Maybe he's only been away for a weekend or something
doesn't want to wake Arthur
It's like 3:30 a.m.

Lately: ok
so tempted to make another cup of tea

me: Make tea then
tea is great

Lately: I literally just finished a cup

me: Eames slips into bed

Lately: might give it five mins

me: careful to not shift the mattress too much
because he doesn't want to wake Arthur

Lately: oh eames

me: Maybe some little tiny voice inside is head is like
it's sad that this is so routine now
we don't do the joyful reunion thing anymore

Lately: AW.

me: But the rest of Eames is like
oh shut up
and goes to sleep
not snuggling into Arthur even though he really really wants to
The next morning Eames sleeps late -- late for him anyway
like 10 a.m. or so
On the edges of his consciousness, he's sort of aware that Arthur has gotten up
the sounds are comingled with dreams
The toilet flushing, the shush of water into the kettle
the flap of the newspaper
eventually, the shower and the thumping of Arthur's feet in the tub
Arthur's not being noisy at all
Not enough to really push Eames fully awake
it's actually kind of soporific because Eames knows all these sounds

Lately: awww

me: Finally Arthur comes quietly into the bedroom
Eames shifts a little, becoming aware of the light slanting in the window, of all the little places his body has been too still, things he needs to stretch out but not quite yet, not quite yet.
Eames cracks open his eyelids a little because he's pretty sure Arthur is coming in to get dressed which means he's probably either naked or just wearing a towel
and it's always good to get a nice peek in
Naked Arthur bum


me: Arthur isn't going into the closet for clothes though.
He's just carefully hanging his robe up on the back of the door.
When he turns around Eames realizes Arthur is hard
For a second he's like
no fair
I had nothing to do with that
and then his brain wakes up a little more and he realizes that it doesn't make sense -- if Arthur was going to deal with that problem, he'd've done it in the shower just now.

Lately: \o/

me: "You up?" Arthur asks gently, probably seeing Eames moving a little, craning his head for a better view
"I would ask you the same but the answer's clear," Eames returns.
Pointedly, if you'll excuse the pun.

Lately: :FD

me: Arthur doesn't look embarrassed in the least
this is not the Arthur of yesteryear
Instead he just lifts one corner of his mouth.
"You done sleeping, is what I meant," he clarifies.
"Now I am," Eames says. "Bring that over here."

Lately: hell to the yeah.

me: Arthur brings it over with alacrity, kneeing onto the bed and settling with thighs splayed over Eames' chest
Eames strokes up and down those thighs a few times
he likes the dragging feeling when he rubs the hair the wrong way
Arthur is less impressed
He kneels up a little and paints the head of his cock (wet) over Eames' mouth
It's not subtle as hints go

Lately: not so much, no

me: Eames refrains from making this observation though
What he really wants to know is how Arthur got himself into this state
But now doesn't seem the moment
Besides, Eames' mouth is full
In a moment, his hands are full too
He slides them back to hold Arthur's arse steady
Arthur is bracing himself with his hand flat on the wall over the bed
he's probably just moisturized or something, Eames thinks
Arthur is a demon with the skincare regimen
Anyway, Arthur doesn't seem to notice it
but his palm is leaving very lightly sheened marks on the painted wall over the headboard.
Eames will not point these out later
He will lie in bed and grin up at them

handprints should not be adorbs and yet

me: Arthur's strong elegant fingers splayed wide like an echo
of this morning

Lately: (ps i love this but don't forget to sleep, ms sore throat)

me: I am nearly done


me: You are still writing?

Lately: yes

me: okay, just checking

Lately: 743

me: Halfway ftw!

me: You are great

Okay, so
Eames is distracted by it
He's sort of craning up to look at it, which is making Arthur's cock slip a little out of his mouth, which is in turn making Arthur a little impatient with him
Eames settles back down in apology and readjusts his grip on Arthur's butt
butt is such a gross word
make that bum

Lately: bum bum bum bum
I should c/p this into the essay
no one'll notice, right?

me: Anyway, one of Eames' hands misses its mark a little and suddenly his fingers are sliding over the slippery cleft of Arthur's bum bum bum bum
Eames asks
Well, not literally
because as previously mentioned
mouth full
But he asks with his eyebrows
It probably is kind of a funny face, he reflects later
and is glad that Arthur isn't one to carry a camera on his naked person for just such occasions
Arthur's response is, instead, a quirk of the lips
"Oh really?" Eames asks, again employing his eyebrows and tossing in a questioning hum that makes Arthur buck a little
Eames slips a finger in once Arthur settles down
Definitely slick, and relaxed, open and ready
This is what Arthur was up to in the shower, Eames realizes
While Eames was sleeping, or maybe only half-sleeping

Lately: mmmmmm

me: Arthur was -- after his morning coffee and paper and probably a bowl of all bran (Arthur is so boring sometimes Eames can't believe they're married) -- Arthur was standing in the shower with his leg up and his fingers pushing lube into his arse
he was thinking about this, about Eames
Other times Arthur is so surprising Eames can't believe he's the same person with the All Bran fetish and the moisturizing regimen

Lately: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

me: There is a thought
Arthur, coming out the shower
reflex hard
Arse lubed
standing in the bathroom and scooping out his fucking blueberry body butter.
Taking the time to rehydrate his skin
He probably painted that green avocado shit on his fucking T zone

Lately: hahah

me: Standing in front of the steam-fogged mirror
Slippery arsed and hard as a rock
but dabbing on his light daytime sunscreen.
Eames pulls off and chivvies Arthur back
Arthur goes, all smiles and knobby knees (Eames loves him, he does, but Arthur has got knobby knees)

Lately: ♥♥♥ knees

me: Anyway, Arthur gets his delightful lovely yet knobby knees settled again and sinks down onto Eames
it's not as slick as it would be if Arthur had bloody waited a moment to lube Eames up too
but it's good this way too, Eames thinks a little faintly
It's rawer, it's a little rougher
It's immediate

Lately: mmmmmmmm

me: Arthur scritches Eames' belly hair

Lately: hahah

me: and lifts up
"I like it when you do all the work," Eames tells him, very honestly
"The walk needs shovelling later," Arthur says.
"Deal," says Eames, and lies back to let Arthur fuck him senseless.

Lately: ahahahaha


(And yes, she was writing her paper this whole time. I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE MULTITASKS LIKE THIS, FRIENDS, I JUST PROVIDE THE IMPETUS.)

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